About SDS

In light of extensive experience, we bring you a stable partner in the field of logistics. In addition to standardized and individual transport solutions, we offer a wide range of complete logistics services. We create a wide and effective network through which we support your business and ensure a high level of services. 


We rely on professionalism and customer satisfaction

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We decided to combine our rich experience to create a unique delivery company with purely Slovak capital.

Our goal is to be your support and reliable partner in your business.

On account of years of experience, a professional team, dynamism, efficiency and passion for logistics solutions provide us with basic pillars in the world of transport services. We successfully created a strategic network of branches throughout Slovakia, which are equipped with modern technologies, thanks to which we can provide you with the highest quality and standard in the field of transport services.


Our values are quality, sustainability, integration and long-term satisfaction of our customers and employees

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We are fully aware that logistics services are one of the most requested industries nowadays. We appreciate that we can be a part of this incredibly dynamic industry, but we do not forget about a personal approach, building strong relationships and partnerships. Our goal is to build a business that benefits the entire society.



Outsourcing suppliers for the SK regions (with the possibility to cover the transport areas of the Slovak Republic) - long-term cooperation.

  • Carriers with goods vehicles (own drivers) - long-term cooperation.
  • Carriers with trucks (with their own drivers) - long-term cooperation.
  • Carriers with vans (with their own drivers) - long-term cooperation
  • If you are interested, write to us at doprava@sds.sk.

Basic information 

You will be responsible for the delivery and collection of pallet shipments in the designated region. We offer daily year-round stable work, only on weekdays.

Remuneration and cooperation are subject to the contractual conditions – rewarding is based on the accomplished performance, monthly invoicing.

Our partners