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Does SDS also transport shipments on pallets?
Yes, pallet transport is a standard SDS service, as is oversized transport.

Is there anything that SDS does not transport?
As far as we are concerned, there is not.  However, everything depends on the type of shipment, so we approach each request individually and look for a way to deliver the shipment. We try to make the courier services of our transport company as flexible as possible to the needs of our customers.
However, there are types of shipments that are excluded from transportation in terms of the GTC of SDS, such as: weapons, drugs, glass, etc.

Can I pick up the shipment in person at SDS branches?
Yes, it is possible.  You can pick up the shipment from Monday to Friday by agreement with the Customer Center, which will provide you with the contact for the relevant site. Contact to the Customer Center can be found in the Contact section.

Can I find shipment tracking on your website?
Yes, through our system it is possible to track the shipment here.


We would like to ship via SDS. What is needed? 
Just fill out the order form on the website www.sds.sk, we will do the rest. In case of confusion, contact the Customer Center on 18 108, which will gladly provide you with assistance when ordering transport or information about courier services.

Can I find the shipping price list on the SDS website?
Yes.  You can find the price list on our website here.

What variants in terms of transport speed does SDS offer?
We deliver shipments the next working day after receiving the shipment. Oversized shipments will be delivered by our couriers within 48 hours.

How do I claim the loss of a shipment that did not arrive or arrived damaged? 
In case of loss of the shipment, the customer has the right to claim compensation for damages at the Customer Center, in writing to reklamacie@sds.sk.

What is the deadline for submitting a complaint? 
The complaints procedure requires an immediate solution to the damage, directly with the courier. If the shipment is lost, you should contact the Customer Center, where the complaint is documented. 

Does SDS also provide cash on delivery service?

As part of the delivery of parcels on the territory of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, the cash on delivery service is our standard service.

What is electronic invoicing?
Electronic invoicing is a modern way of creating tax documents. Invoices sent by email in PDF format.

Is an electronic invoice a valid tax document?
Yes. SDS is the owner of the electronic signature certificate, on the basis of which SDS is authorized to issue invoices electronically, in accordance with the current legislation of the Slovak Republic.

How can I order transport via SDS?

  • online – through the customer application on sds.sk as a registered customer
  • by e-mail at the address: objednavky@sds.sk
  • by phone at the Customer Center at the number: 18 108
  • in person at any SDS site between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

What information must be provided when ordering?
When ordering, it is necessary to provide all the necessary data according to the form in the Documents to download section.