Information on cookies

Cookies are 

small text files stored on your computer that enable an analysis of your use of the website. Information stored in cookies can be loaded by a website when you visit it again later. Cookies are also necessary to ensure that any and all processes on the website run smoothly. Besides, cookies allow the user to reuse the website more easily: information stored in cookies during the first visit, e.g. language setting or username, do not need to be entered again. This allows the website to adapt itself to your individual needs to a certain degree (if you use the same device to access it).


Classification of cookies 

Cookies are classified according to durability into:


Short-term (session cookie) – they are deleted from your computer after closing the browser

Long-term (persistent cookie) – after closing the browser, they remain stored on your computer and are deleted after a very long time. (according to your browser settings). You can also delete them manually.

Cookies are classified according to purpose into:


Technical – serve the basic functions of the website or page (video playback, content sharing, login)

Analytical – are used to collect anonymous data about your behavior. Based on them, we can modify the website to make it more user-friendly.

Remarketing - serve to display targeted ads to the user


How do we use cookies?

SDS uses cookies for the following reasons:


For essential website functionality

Remembering user settings

Collection of anonymous statistical information about visitors

For better ad customization and content sharing on social networks

SDS provides organizational and technical procedures for the protection of your personal data and for the prevention of information loss and illegal actions. More information can be found in our Privacy Policy.


How to disable cookies:

Browser settings are easy to customize. As part of this, cookies can also be disabled. Most web browsers can be set to block cookies. And this despite the fact that some elements on the website may not work properly. Cookie settings are usually found in the "Options" or "Settings" tab.


Cookie file settings for specific browsers:


Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox | Google Chrome | Safari

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