Fuel costs constitute a significant portion of the expenses for the courier company, which is why a fuel surcharge is added to the transportation prices. The surcharge amount depends on the current price of fuel. If the price of fuel surpasses a certain threshold, it is reflected in the transportation price by adding a percentage based on the current diesel fuel price.

The fuel surcharge rate is directly linked to the average diesel fuel price published by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, which is updated weekly on their website. Weekly average fuel prices in Slovakia.

Fuel surcharge price list effective from August 1, 2023.
The average diesel fuel price in Slovakia (EUR / liter)Fuel surcharge
Less than 1,0010 %
1,001 – 1,1863 %
1,187 – 1,3726 %
1,373 – 1,5589 %
1,559 – 1,74412 %
1,745 – 1,93015 %
1,931 – 2,11618 %
For each increase in the diesel fuel price by 1 EUR per liter from 2.117 EUR, a fuel surcharge of +1% is added.

The fuel surcharge is calculated based on the transportation rates according to the valid price list of SLOVENSKÝ DORUČOVACÍ SYSTÉM, s.r.o., without adding additional charges such as tolls for parcel shipments, SMS notifications, and cash-on-delivery fees.

The fuel surcharge and its rate (%) are derived from the average diesel fuel price reported by the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic for the penultimate complete week of the previous calendar month and apply for the entire following calendar month.

The fuel surcharge is always specified separately on the transportation invoice.